3 Areas That Promote Safety on the Job Site

Know Safety, No Pain…No Safety, Know Pain

With the addition of our in-house Safety Manager last year, we’ve been focused more than ever on enhancements to our Safety Program. If you were to take a walk around our home office, you’d see signs that say “Know Safety, No Pain. No Safety, Know Pain.” It’s the overriding theme of our commitment to ensure every member of the TuffWrap® team comes home safe every day.TuffWrap Safety Procedures

We’re proud to share three areas of focus that are helping to promote and increase safety on the job site.

  1. Raise the Awareness: The RTA form is used by the crew to evaluate and identify hazards before work is begun on each job. The crew leader then discusses the findings with the entire crew so everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety – because each and every job is different.
  2. Safety Observations: A safety observations and feedback form is used by the Safety Manager at each job visited. Both positive observations and areas of improvement are noted and discussed with the crew. Each crew member then signs off after reviewing the form.
  3. Stretching: New stretching exercises have been developed by a third party organization that has visited our jobsites. Each crew member is required to perform these unique stretches before every job to help reduce strains and sprains.

TuffWrap Safety ProgramThe entire TuffWrap safety program is evaluated and updated on a regular basis to keep the team informed of new requirements.

To learn more, visit our safety page here.