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Why Interior Protection is a Superpower

Think about the last time you swept your kitchen floor.  Remember that tiny little speck of dust you couldn’t seem to get up with a broom? 

Now imagine hundreds of those specks of dust.  And then imagine them falling from the ceiling or traveling across a room.






Look around – what’s in that room?  Your food? Your water?  Your clean clothes?  How about other things?  Things like electronic devices or equipment?

Suddenly it feels like a bad scene from a movie doesn’t it?

How would you stop it?  Could you do it alone?

That’s what dust & debris containment does.  And that’s why we consider it our superpower. 

Having a fully sealed barrier that prevents the migration of tiny specks of dust and debris during construction can “save the day” in all types of facilities.  There’s not another solution that compares to professionally installed interior protection.  If you have done a critical project without protecting your property – well, you may have learned that the hard way.

Over the next few months, we’ll be referencing our superpower here on the blog in an effort to provide more information about how you can leverage interior protection to positively impact several different aspects of your project.  From better serving your customers to ensuring a safer work environment, dust and debris containment is not only a superpower itself, but it can also help you with your own superpowers.

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