Interior Protection Reroofing Public Spaces

Interior Protection & Public Spaces

Over the past few years, the team at TuffWrap® has been asked to estimate and install a significant amount of interior protection in public spaces.  Whether institutional or community based, each of these facilities has been faced with similar circumstances during their reroofing projects.  

Dealing with dust and debris while reroofing a building that is open 16-24 hours a day is a challenge unto itself.  However, when you include special areas such as ice rinks, swimming pools or hard courts, it is an even bigger challenge.  Not only do those areas still need to be open and functioning, they are very sensitive to potential damage.  Any organization that has invested in these types of facilities will agree that maintaining and protecting their investment is of the utmost importance.  The only thing even more important is protecting the people who will use the facility during the reroofing project.

So what are the questions to think about when installing suspended cover in a public space?  Here are a few things that are very specific to consider depending on the facility.

  1. Hours of Operation: When can it be installed?  The same reason that the facility needs the protection can be the same challenge for installing the protection.  But as long as you plan ahead with the interior protection provider, this should be easily addressed.  Often, the most optimum time is the middle of the night or week day mornings when the building is least populated. 
  2. Lift Access: Lifts are generally required to reach the roof deck area. What types of access are available for lifts to be brought into the space?  Will there be bay doors or some type of loading dock?  This information should be reviewed during the estimate process to allow the project manager to plan accordingly.
  3. Floor Area Protection: Ice? Hard court? Swimming pool deck? Whatever the floor area contains, it needs to be carefully considered when lifts are brought in for the installation and take down. With proper planning, accommodations can be made.
  4. Special Circumstances: Public spaces generally have their own specific circumstances, particularly around what is located in the ceiling.  Specialty lighting, audio equipment, catwalks, cameras and the like can be found in the areas that the containment will be installed and may need to stay fully functional during the project.  If the requirements are established up front, usually a custom solution can be designed to address those types of needs.

Overall, in the cases where suspended cover has been used, the customer was able to maintain daily operations successfully as well as complete their reroofing project without damage to the contents of the building. 

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