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Ice Cream & Interior Protection – What do they have in common?

No one ever likes to hear about a food or pharmaceutical recall.  The minute the news is released, consumers run to their fridges and cabinets to check dates and product codes.  The realization that someone may have consumed one of these items is frightening.  Worst case, it could be very dangerous.

Contamination of products is a serious issue, and the Justice Department has decided to take it more seriously than ever.  In a recent article by US News, the criticality of the situation was detailed in relation to the recall of a popular brand of ice cream.


So what does the contamination of ice cream have to do with Interior Protection? 

Well, in this particular case, nothing.  However, one of the reasons the Interior Protection industry exists is because of the growing need to protect products from being contaminated during projects in manufacturing facilities.

While there is always the possibility of production lines being compromised under normal circumstances, renovating and re-roofing add another level of risk to the situation.  Dust and debris could be very detrimental to your business.

That’s why the number one goal of every Interior Protection provider should be to help you and your company mitigate these risks.  There shouldn’t have to be a question about the safety of your products and in turn, your customers’ health, as a result of construction activities.

Consider your options and contact your TuffWrap Sales Manager directly for specific advice about a dust and debris containment solution.   Let us be a part of your planning team to help determine the best course of action for your upcoming project.