6 Things You Can Do With TuffWrap During the Holidays Besides Interior Protection

6 Things You Can Do With TuffWrap During the Holidays Besides Interior Protection

PS: Don’t try this at home.

There are always opportunities at TuffWrap® to make jokes about other things we could do with our poly material. So, just for fun, we’ve developed a list of potentially helpful ways you could use it during the holidays.

Here’s what we came up with. Frankly, we were surprised by some of the ideas we found!

  1. The obvious choice – wrap gifts  With the poly being opaque and produced in large sheets – you can easily package up those large gifts. Gift basket? No problem. Bicycle? Yup, TuffWrap it up! And so stylish too…    TuffWrap Gift Basket
  2. Protect your carpet. Whew, the holidays are tough on carpets! Tons of guests, the Christmas tree shedding everywhere and wet, snowy boots can run their course on your beautiful Berber. Why not just lay down some TuffWrap? The tough poly will keep the dirt away, and its antistatic qualities could help eliminate those little shocks you are always getting in the winter. In theory…We really have no idea if it will do that.
  3. Use it as a tablecloth  Wipe it down or bundle it up and throw it away. It sure makes for easy cleaning during a time of year when cleaning is the last thing any of us wants to be doing. If little Bobby spills the fruit punch and crumbles cookies everywhere, TuffWrap has you covered. Bonus: You can cut it to fit any size table.  TuffWrap DIY Tablecloth
  4. Decorations  Did you know that you could use plastic wrap to help decorate? Perhaps look like ice or snow? We didn’t. Check out this DIY project on 1-800-Flowers’ Blog Petal Talk. We have to say we are a little skeptical because the TuffWrap does have blue printing on it…?
  5. Christmas Candy Tape Ball Game  This was a new one on us, but apparently it is a popular idea. The Christmas Candy Tape Ball Game usually involves using plastic wrap and tape to create a giant ball with candy layered in. Players roll dice and take turns to rip it apart, hopefully in time to free a candy prize. If you do a search on Pinterest you will find several pictures and instructions.  Can you imagine how big we could make the ball with some TuffWrap and Tuff Tape?
  6. Storing holiday decorations   And when it is all over? Time to wrap it up. Check out these holiday decoration storage ideas from Better Homes and Gardens. They don’t mention plastic wrap but we’re pretty sure we could use TuffWrap to store something!

All joking aside, the most important and only use of TuffWrap is, and will always be, protecting our customers’ products and property from dust and debris contamination.

No matter what time of year it is.