How to Remove Dust from Ceilings | Cleaning High Structures

High Structure Dust Removal

High Structure Cleaning

Cleanliness throughout a place of business helps maintain a positive reputation, order, and customer satisfaction. Neglecting to clean spaces that are up-high and often out of sight is a common mistake many businesses make. Ignoring the dust and debris that settles on high structures like lighting, shelving, or air ducts can become a major problem when those dust and debris begin to fall.

A major component of high structure cleaning is dust removal. Over time or particularly after a construction project, dust can settle on ceiling pipes, duct work, vents, and lighting fixtures. This debris should be cleaned up as quickly and as efficiently as possible to prevent contamination of a company’s product, damage to equipment, and harm to employees.

  • Harm the Health of Employees – Dust and debris can cause a number of health issues to employees if not dealt with properly. Breathing in dusty air can cause future breathing problems like asthma, and can eventually lead to lung cancer or death. Dust can also cause skin irritation to employees, as dust dries the skin out.
  • Damage to Equipment – Dust settling in equipment and electronics can cause some machines to overheat. When excessive heat is applied to parts of equipment, the electrical components can become damaged or even melt. If machine parts become damaged, time, money, and resources are taken up in an effort to have the equipment repaired. Dust can also cause equipment to age prematurely. If the dust settles in equipment and obstructs it from working properly, the mechanics of the equipment may have to work even harder to push through the dust, exhausting the machine at a faster pace than if the machine were properly cleaned.
  • Contamination of a Product – Falling dust and debris can damage a company’s product. When dust falls, it can settle in a products packaging, or even directly onto a product if the product is not wrapped. Contamination from dust and debris will prevent the product from being able to be sold, and can hurt a company’s overall profit.

Settling dust and debris are an issue that is not always avoidable, but definitely treatable. The problems associated with dust and debris settling on high structures can be handled with help from the experts at Tuff Wrap. Their experienced staff will properly remove dust and debris from high structures in your business to prevent employee health issues, equipment damage, and product contamination.