TuffWrap Installations Wishes You And Your Team A Successful 2017

End of a project, beginning of a year

The beginning of a new year is like the end of a really big project. It is a defined checkpoint for evaluation and a natural place to find opportunities for improvement. The circumstances are fresh in everyone’s minds, but the immediacy of being immersed in the details is over. Ultimately, this is the perfect moment when the tough questions should be asked and answered.

  1. What lessons have we learned that we need to apply moving forward?
  2. What can we change about our workflow to more efficiently accomplish our goals?
  3. How can we leverage existing skill sets in new and more productive ways?

By soliciting feedback and reviewing the answers to these types of questions, an organization can reset expectations and streamline processes. At TuffWrap®, both the end of a project and the beginning of a year make us reflect on the following:

  1. How can we communicate more effectively throughout the project life cycle, both internally and externally?
  2. What aspects of the project plan can be more clearly documented in order to clarify the details for both our customer and our team?
  3. What did we learn about staying safe in the work environment, and how do we ensure we are trained for those circumstances?
  4. Is there a change or improvement we can make to our products or services to more effectively address our customer’s needs?

While these questions may seem basic, it is important to make them a priority. The assessment or evaluation phase is often overlooked and as a result, the chance to positively influence “the next time” is missed.

That is why the TuffWrap team makes it a priority each year to come together at a company-wide meeting in February. It is at this time that we review the feedback from the prior year and discuss what the New Year will bring. We look forward to sharing the outcome of those conversations in a follow up post.

What will 2017 mean for you and your organization? What questions will you ask? How will you address the items at the top of your list?

With these thoughts in mind, the TuffWrap team wishes you much success in this New Year!