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3 Ways to Create Access Points for Temporary Construction Walls

Providing access points when installing dust and debris containment can be almost as important as the temporary walls themselves. Whether you need to have a way for the construction team to get in and out, or you are trying to direct traffic during the project, doors are often a key aspect of any solution.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, the type of door can be impactful as well. Here’s a quick guide to the top three options currently available in the Interior Protection industry:

Temporary Wall Door Options


1. Pocket Doors

These are specialty doors that are only available from some providers. Pocket doors are customizable to accommodate all types of access. They are created specifically for the project requirements and are assembled to slide easily out of the way.

  • Extensive size range.
  • Perfect for frequent and long term use.

2. Zipper Doors 

Zipper doors are the most commonly used method of providing access during dust and debris containment. The size is usually custom to accommodate machinery or people.

  • Easy and inexpensive to install.
  • Quick solution when needed.
  • Not ideal for frequent or long term use.
  • Inconvenient if having to open and close regularly.

Temporary construction zipper door 

3. Man Doors

These are the least common of the access types installed with interior protection. However, many facilities have security requirements, either for proprietary or employee-only access reasons. If the containment involves an area in the building that has the need for a locking door, man doors can be installed.

  • Easy access for people.
  • Allows for greater security during the construction project.
  • May have installation impacts.

Temporary construction man door
When planning your renovation project, consider the traffic flow of your facility. Make sure you ask your provider what door options they can offer. 

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