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Don’t Play With Fire

Having a fire in a facility is absolutely devastating.  Without question, it is one of the most dangerous threats to a building and its contents.  That’s why having a fire safety plan and properly executing that plan is critical. 

When we see pictures like this one, where the sprinklers have done their job but the destruction is still real, it reminds us of why we invented SmartSeam®.  Having a solution for capturing dust and debris during reroofing, that doesn’t impede the fire sprinkler system, is imperative and necessary.

TuffWrap® has been using SmartSeam for over three years now; and it still amazes us to find that during reroofing projects, people voluntarily choose suspended cover solutions that impede their sprinkler systems.  With all of the damage and associated costs resulting from a fire, it is worth the time and research needed to make a good choice for interior protection.  Both OSHA and the NFPA advocate the use of fire sprinklers – not only for the protection of the building but also for the people inside.  That is why there are standards and guidelines in place to ensure that fire sprinkler systems are not impeded during any type of daily or temporary activities. 

Ultimately, everyone involved in a construction project is responsible to ensure everything is done to prevent a fire from happening and/or spreading.  The period of time it takes to reroof a building may seem short and manageable, and it may seem ok to allow sprinklers to be impeded temporarily. But accidents happen, and fire is a highly unpredictable and potentially catastrophic accident!  Don’t increase your risk and forego safety by compromising on the interior protection solution you choose.

Have a reroofing project coming up?  Assess your need for interior protection.  

Want to make sure the solutions you are considering meet the guidelines?  Questions to ask.

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