Don’t let YOUR project become THAT project - 3 Reroofing Scenarios to Avoid

Don’t let YOUR project become THAT project

Everyone has heard about THAT project. It’s the one we have all suffered through and want to forget, but instead the story gets told time and time again. There are jokes and laughs – but truthfully, we all know THAT project really wasn’t funny.

Clearly, no one wants to be a part of projects like that. So we thought we’d share a few reroofing scenarios where interior protection can (and did!) save the day.



Inventory Matters:  The salespeople of a major retail store came into work to discover that while the roof was being torn off, their extensive clothing inventory was under attack from dust, debris and some type of dripping roof adhesive.

THE SOLUTION: An emergency installation of suspended cover under the roof deck to protect the inventory for the remainder of the reroofing project.

Don’t Rely On Drop Ceilings: A pharmaceutical facility was having a complete tear-off down to the roof deck. The entire interior had a drop ceiling which was assumed to be sufficient to protect sensitive areas from dust.  Unfortunately, a couple days into the job, small amounts of dust came through the drop ceiling, onto a very important and expensive piece of equipment, causing it to shut down and need repair.

THE SOLUTION:  The project had to be stopped until suspended cover was installed.  Once that was completed, the project went forward without further incident.

It’s Not That Simple: A mail sorting facility began a reroofing project where a single-ply overlay was being installed. Everyone anticipated that no dust or debris would come inside the facility, because there would be very little roof demo.  They were surprised to discover that the vibrations from the foot traffic and equipment moving on the roof above caused enough of a disturbance that dust began raining down on the people and products below.

THE SOLUTION: Suspended cover was installed well below the bar joists to catch anything that might break loose from the high structure area.  In the end, the interior protection was extended to include the entire warehouse to avoid any further problems.

Can you relate to any of these? We hope not!  However, the good news is that in all of the above cases the damage was controlled and the clients finished their projects with clean facilities.

What’s your project story?