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When Debris Netting Can Make the Difference

There are times where a reroofing or similar project may require a heavy duty solution for capturing debris. Projects that involve total deck removals or gypsum decks can often raise questions about the best way to prevent large pieces of debris from falling inside the facility.  In any situation where it is a concern that chunks of roof deck, insulation or other materials may fall during the project, having netting installed can be a safe and reliable solution.

Generally, debris netting is installed in one of two situations:

Netting can be used standalone on projects where there are concerns about large chunks of debris falling but the threat of dust migration is not critical.  

Example – Parking Deck: Netting can be a very effective solution when work is being done in parking decks.  Not only is it capable of capturing any falling concrete, but also isn’t disturbed by the outdoor elements including air flow.

Netting can be used in combination 
with suspended cover when both dust and debris are a concern. In these cases, the netting is hung first below the roof deck and the suspended cover is subsequently installed below.

This ensures that the larger debris will be captured and at the same time smaller particles that could go through the netting still do not make it into the facility.

Example – Coliseum: For this particular project, there was a concern about heavier pieces of the roof deck as well as smaller dust and debris finding their way into the ice rink.  Netting was installed first to ensure the larger chunks were caught and suspended cover was installed below.  Read more about this project here.

In either case, professionally installed netting can provide peace of mind throughout your project timeline. 

Think your project needs a netting solution?  Contact us and we’ll be happy to work through the details with you.