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3 Examples of Contamination Prevention in Pharmaceutical Facilities

Manufacturing life-saving drugs is serious business. That’s why, when an Interior Protection provider works in a pharmaceutical environment, attention to detail is critical. Each facility has a unique layout with different production equipment and specific priorities for the site. However, in the end, they all have the same challenge – keeping their products safe and clean.

Interior Protection for pharmaceutical facilities

3 examples of successful dust and debris containment in pharmaceutical facilities

Client A was electro-polishing several bioreactors in one room that produce/carry extremely sensitive products. They could not afford to shut down the entire room of reactors in order to get the project done and needed to isolate one bioreactor at a time to prevent contamination. 

In order to work in the facility’s clean room, TuffWrap’s installation team needed extensive specialized training. As well, each containment area needed appropriate allowances for negative air pressure. Finally, our team had to create these enclosed spaces with virtually no tie off points.

To address the project requirements, we installed C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls® along with a double-layer of TuffWrap material around each bioreactor. We provided TuffWrap ceilings in the most critical spaces along with zipper access openings where needed. Finally, we incorporated a series of small HEPA air machines to help ensure air pressure stability. The best part? At no point in the entire two-month process did Client A ever get a bad reading on airborne particulates or contaminants.

During Client B’s reroofing project, TuffWrap was asked to protect the equipment/machinery for production areas while meeting the FDA’s high standards for air quality and cleanliness. On top of that, the Fire Marshal had concerns about the sprinkler system being impacted by the suspended cover installation.

That’s where TuffWrap’s SmartSeam® Suspended Cover product made the difference. Fire Marshals often express legitimate concerns about installing anything near or below fire sprinkler heads, particularly in sensitive environments. Because SmartSeam is heat reactive and opens during a fire, we were able to gain approval from the on-site Fire Marshal to install the containment below the sprinklers. This ensured the reroofing dust and debris didn’t penetrate the space while keeping the sprinklers from being impaired.

Client C required Interior Protection during a full reroof of their manufacturing plant. Because their product is in global demand, Client C’s production schedule runs 24/7 and cannot be interrupted. Extremely tight conditions on the facility floor, combined with very high ceilings, required special lifts. The suspended cover had to be installed below the sprinklers since the metal roof deck was too close to sprinkler heads.

Again, this called for SmartSeam® and a creative plan. TuffWrap was able to accommodate Client C’s schedule and utilize our extensive lift experience to install a complete solution without interrupting production. Using SmartSeam Suspended Cover meant that the sprinkler system wasn’t impaired and the functionality of the containment wasn’t compromised.

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