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Imagine Construction Without Contamination

TuffWrap’s newest trade show banner leads with this phrase. And the truth is, you don’t have to just imagine it – you can have it.  Our niche industry is growing, and the awareness of interior protection products and services continues to find its way from coast to coast.

Many people we meet at processing and manufacturing trade shows are excited to find out that interior protection products and services exist.  They express their needs and are often surprised to find out that we possess the solutions they are looking for.  In turn, we are always surprised, and pleased, by their reaction.

However, we can’t help but wonder:   Why aren’t more people talking about the need to prevent contamination in manufacturing and processing facilities during construction?

We know GMPs are a critical aspect of doing business because keeping products clean and safe is a #1 priority.  It is more difficult to keep this priority when a facility is under construction.  Temporary walls, barriers and suspended cover offer a mechanism that can safely prevent the spread of construction dirt and dust.SmartSeam with debris containment

Therefore, we have to ask ourselves why the conversations aren’t more prominent.  Is it because there isn’t an understanding that interior protection is an option?  Or, is it because the risk of something happening during the project timeline is perceived to be minimal? 

For our clients who have used and continue to use interior protection, we know it has become a requirement during their construction planning.  They see dust containment products and services as key to their success and recognize that project schedules can easily become much longer than intended.

And when we have the conversations directly with potential clients, the benefits quickly become obvious.  Not only does installing interior protection eliminate risks , many times it is more cost effective than building full-fledged walls.

As a result, one of our goals at TuffWrap is to provide ongoing education regarding the positive impacts of dust and debris containment.  To that point, we have released our latest case study which is a prime example of how temporary walls can help ensure product safety during construction.  Throughout two simultaneous projects, in two facilities, TuffWrap’s C.O.R.E. Frameless Walls® isolated line construction and allowed a food processor to continue functioning without any issues.  Read more here.