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Considering the Importance of Fire Sprinkler Systems

If you are deciding how best to protect your facility from falling dust and debris during a reroofing project, the fire sprinkler system should be a part of that decision. Suspended cover is traditionally installed below the sprinkler system for a number of reasons including preferred sight line, the number of penetrations to work around and the strength of the overall containment. However, with traditional materials, this method can impair the ability of the sprinkler system to respond in an appropriate time frame, as well as prevent the water from reaching the fire.

There is no doubt that impeding the sprinkler system is a potential danger, but sometimes it is hard to believe or visualize what would happen if the sprinklers were unable to respond properly to a fire. This simple FM Global demonstration video clearly shows the progression of a warehouse fire, with and without sprinklers present.


The result is obvious – fire sprinklers do matter. When deciding on an interior protection provider, make sure they have a product or solution that is proven to allow the sprinkler system to function properly while successfully protecting your property.

This is why TuffWrap only uses SmartSeam® for all suspended cover installations during reroofing. Our product is Classified by UL to 723S for installation below fire sprinkler systems and meets NFPA 13. Watch our UL test video here.