Commercial Dusting Tips | Methods And Tools For Industrial Dusting

Commercial Dusting Tips

Dusting in a commercial setting, such as a factory or warehouse, requires a certain set of skills. The methods used when dusting in commercial locations vary drastically from those used when dusting at home, simply because you’re dealing with dust on a larger scale. Below is a breakdown of what should be done when tackling dust in commercial industries.

Preparation:  Dusting and debris removal should be planned carefully. Depending on the amount of dust and debris being generated in your commercial space, you could require daily, weekly, or monthly dusting. Remove any obstacles prior to dusting. Dust may have settled behind or underneath these objects, and could be missed if they aren’t moved. You’ll also want to gather the necessary tools. The size of the space as well as the structure of the space (high ceilings, tall structures, etc.) will determine what tools you’ll need.

Brushes:  Often, commercial settings house electronic equipment that can quickly gather dust in its many crevices. Prior to dusting these items, it is important to unplug them first. Then, using a microfiber cloth or brush, wipe the device to remove any settled dust. Failing to remove dust from electronics can cause them to overheat, and ultimately, cause an electrical fire, so this is an especially important step for businesses.

Vacuum:  Dust can quickly on ceiling pipes, duct work, vents, and lighting fixtures. This debris need to be cleaned in an efficient method to prevent contamination of a product, damage to equipment, or harm to employees. Using a soft-bristle vacuum or an electrostatic mop, you can quickly and safely remove dust from high structures.

Floor Mops:  Once the dust is cleared off of shelving, machinery, and high ceiling structures, some of it will have settled onto the floor. This dust can be removed with the help of a floor mop. They come in a variety of sizes, depending on the area being cleaned, and are made of strong, industrial dusting fibers that will collect debris with ease.

Ultimately, commercial dusting requires a bit more than the traditional feather duster! For more help with controlling dust, contact the experts at Tuff Wrap.