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4 Pre-Planning Steps for Clean Up After Reroofing

Making sure your property and products stay clean during reroofing is a significant challenge. To meet this challenge, you can have a suspended cover interior protection system installed to capture dust and debris. But installing this system is just part of the challenge. What happens when the project is over and the suspended cover is removed?

Any knowledgeable Interior Protection provider will take extensive precautions during removal. If they don’t, there isn’t any reason to install the containment in the first place!

However, there can still be joists, pipes, ducting and other places for the dust and debris to land above the suspended cover. At the end of a particularly sensitive project, this question can arise:

“Who’s going to clean up this mess?”

Clean up after a reroofing project

To avoid these post-reroofing cleaning woes, here are a few steps you can take during your project planning:

  1. Evaluate the pre-construction situation: What’s dirty already?  In order to obtain an accurate quote for clean up, you will need to understand what the high structure areas look like pre-project. There could be a significant amount of dust or grime up there already. If possible, evaluate the facility to get a good idea of what is really going to need to be done.
  2. Determine the criticality of the cleaning needed: How important is it that your high structure areas be completely clean?  Will a light air wash do the trick or is it going to need to be fully vacuumed? Clearly, this depends on what is underneath the area. Talk to your stakeholders and find out what their expectations are. Knowing the critical nature of the cleaning job will help you determine who to use for this task.
  3. Review your options: So, what’s the right answer?  High Structure Dust Removal can be a readily available solution. Interior Protection providers are already near the high structure taking down the containment; and often times, they are more than happy to quote you an additional cost to air wash as they go. But, if you are facing a white glove test when the project is complete, you will need another option. There are companies that focus on specialized cleaning. Take the time to find a vendor that can meet your facilities’ needs and requirements.
  4. Discuss your requirements with the service provider prior to starting the project: How clean will it be when you are done?  As always, communication is key to every aspect of a project. Know ahead of time what the Interior Protection provider will and will not be doing. Make it clear what you expect as a result of their efforts. These conversations can only benefit you in the long run.

Being proactive about post-reroofing cleanup will help avoid a multitude of issues when all is said and done. By identifying and establishing the plan up front, everyone involved will be working toward a common goal and ensuring your property is clean.