Protecting You From All Sides…Like A Ninja | TuffWrap Interior Protection

Protecting You From All Sides…Like A Ninja

This year the TuffWrap Sales & Marketing team has taken a whole new approach to keeping in touch with our customers. If you’ve seen our ninja dashing across your computer screen, in a magazine ad or if you are the recipient of one of our new t-shirts – then you know what we’re up to. We’re on the road visiting our customers in cities across the country to protect them from all sides…like a ninja.

So why did we choose “Protecting You From All Sides..Like A Ninja?”

Here’s the scoop:

Protecting: That’s what we do. In the most basic terms, the reason TuffWrap exists is to protect our customers’ products, property and people during renovations, retrofits, reroofing and other types of construction.

From All Sides: It doesn’t get better than temporary walls, suspended cover or a combination of both when it comes to ensuring construction dust and debris doesn’t migrate. Whether the project activities are on the roof or inside, interior protection can be installed pretty much anywhere it is needed.

Like a Ninja: We love this part. (It’s our favorite actually!) When you are planning for changes in your facility, there’s nothing better than knowing you have a team of experts on your side. And, TuffWrap’s team of experts has an extensive history of installing interior protection products and services in some of the most complicated facilities in the country.

We are pretty stealth about it too. Much of our work happens overnight or on weekends when no one else is around. We come in and put up our temporary walls or suspended cover before all of the other project work begins.

So there you have it. From the front of our office to the top of our lifts, the entire TuffWrap team shares a commitment to being the best at what we do. If you need interior protection, we will be there.