5 Back to School Health & Safety Tips

Staying Safe & Healthy: Back to School (& Back to Work) Tips

People working on construction projects must adhere to specific requirements about keeping things clean and having a plan to prevent health and safety issues. Likewise, for anyone who has children in the process of heading back to school this fall, these same requirements apply. Sleep schedules change, and planning healthy lunches quickly becomes a priority. It only takes about three weeks for the first cold, or worse, stomach flu, to set in.

Whether your child is 6 or 16, there are many things to keep in mind as they journey through the school year. And, as you head out to the job site, some of these tips may be applicable to you as well. Here are five quick and easy resources that provide some great advice on keeping safe and healthy.

  1. Good sleep is critical, whether you are working on a construction project or learning algebra for the first time. This article from HealthyChildren.org sums up the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended sleep habits for children of all ages. Read Healthy Children’s article here.
  2. If there’s one simple thing that everyone can do to stay healthy at school or work, it’s washing their hands. This quick and easy guide from the CDC details the best ways to keep your hands clean. View the CDC’s guide here.
  3. Nutrition is key to staying in the game at school and work. Parent’s Magazine assembled a fun list of back to school lunches and snacks that look both delicious and good for you – regardless of your age. Need those food ideas? Read more here.
  4. Personal safety should come first at work and school. The National Safety Council’s back to school checklist is a concise summary of potential areas of personal safety to address with your child. Find ways to stay safe.
  5. Being a team player is key to all aspects of life. This John Hopkins’ infographic sums up some great health tips for parents about everything from nutrition to how to be a partner in your child’s wellness plan. Get the info here.

Have kids heading back to school this fall? The team at TuffWrap® wishes everyone a happy and healthy year!