When We Say Antistatic – We Mean It | TuffWrap Antistatic Interior Protection

When We Say Antistatic – We Mean It.

One of the key components TuffWrap’s proprietary material is its antistatic quality.  Using an antistatic product allows us to install our containment solutions safely and effectively in areas that have electronic equipment such as data centers. 

However, we didn’t realize how impactful it was to the process of containing dust until a recent request from the NYU Robotics team. The captain of the team reached out to TuffWrap® because they were planning a project that involved BP-1.  In basic terms, BP-1 (Black Point-1) is a Martian soil simulant that sticks to pretty much everything.  Thinking that TuffWrap could potentially build the containment for their BP-1 pit, they tested the material that we use for interior protection to see if it would meet their needs.

The results were extremely positive.  Their testing showed that the material we install for dust containment was resistant to the BP-1 soil.  Barely anything stuck to it!

TuffWrap Antistatic interior protection test

TuffWrap BP-1 Control

TuffWrap Antistatic Interior Protection

TuffWrap BP-1 Slip Test

In the end, these tests provided an additional insight as to how the antistatic property contributes directly to the protective nature of the interior protection solutions that we install. 

When the NYC team is ready to build their testing arena, the TuffWrap team will be ready and able to help with the containment.

Want to learn more about what the NYU Robotics team is up to?  You can follow them on Facebook here.