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ABCs of Staying Clutter Free in 2015

Avoid recreational shopping and buy only what you need.

Buy one new thing, donate one old thing.

Convert all of your budgets and bills to digital records.

De-clutter prior to the holidays or birthdays when you know you’ll receive an influx of gifts.

Emotional attachment to things can cause you to keep items, even if you don’t use them. Donate them instead!

Free your fridge of old or expired foods on a monthly basis.

Get a calendar or to-do list and fill it up with important dates, chores, or personal goals you want to achieve.

Hold a garage sale to earn some extra cash on things lying around your home.

Invest in quality storage racks for your garage to get the most out of floor and wall space.

Junk mail can easily become a massive pile on the dining room table – sort it out when you bring it in!

Keep only things you need or know you will use.

Learn to live with less.

Maintain order in every aspect of your life – at home, school, or in the office.

Never spend more than you have room for in your budget – over shopping leads to clutter!

Organize items such as holiday decorations tubs or bins. Label these bins so items are easy to find when the time comes.

Put things back where they belong when you’re done using them.

Quality over quantity – purchase items that will stand the test of time, not something that will need to be replaced four times over.

Routine cleanings are important to avoid dust buildup.

Sort your kitchen cabinets and organize them in alphabetical order to make items easy to find.

Task your family members with weekly chores to maintain a clutter-free home.

Utilize all of the space in your home. From the attic to under-the-bed storage, you home is full of places to stow belongings.

Vacation souvenirs should be useful and sentimental – not something you’ll forget you own!

Watch out for newspaper and magazine subscriptions – more often than not, they’ll collect dust on your coffee table.

X-out laziness and the use of the word “no” – only you can deal with your clutter!

You don’t always have to accept freebies – don’t get wrapped up in the novelty of a free item.

Zap negative thoughts and get started on an organized year!