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3 Key Considerations for Interior Protection Projects

Have a construction project coming up? Our sales managers have you covered! Here’s their top three key considerations when planning for professional interior protection solutions.

Interior protection for construction projects and machinery

Determine up front what needs to be protected and why. Sensitive machinery, high traffic areas and exposed products are all candidates for professional interior protection. Decide what needs to be worked around and what needs to be moved.

Easy scheduling for interior protectionWhen can Interior Protection be installed and when can it be taken down? Beyond the actual project schedule, think about what important activities take place in critical space. What accommodations are needed to ensure they continue without being interrupted?

Best interior protection options for construction projects Pick a protection provider who fits the bill. Whether you need a full containment solution or a simple temporary wall, make sure your provider can meet your needs in a timely, safe and effective manner. When can they work? Do they have the right credentials? Are they responsive to questions or problems? What products do they offer?

Bottom line: Construction projects can be messy. Taking the time to plan for containing the dust and debris is worth it. You and your company will have a much smoother renovation or re-roofing experience as a result.