What TuffWrap is Thankful For 2017

2017 Thankful For…

Throughout 2017, the TuffWrap® team has spent numerous hours on the road.  The Sales & Marketing team visited customers regularly, attended trade shows and gave presentations across the country.  Our PMEs estimated and managed countless projects.  Any day of the week (and any hour of the day), our installation teams could be found on the job making sure our customers’ facilities were protected. 

This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for our team’s safe travels, the welcoming nature of our customers and the support we get from vendors and fellow contractors.  Wherever our journey takes us, all of these things enable us to ensure the success of our projects.

In turn, we wish you and yours the same this Thanksgiving.  May you have safe travels, welcoming friends & family and the support of those around you. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the TuffWrap Team!

Happy Thanksgiving from TuffWrap Installations