Our Team

Learn more about the group of dedicated professionals who are committed to making your construction project a success.


Jeff Bennett, General Manager

Before TuffWrap: Prior to working at TuffWrap, I practiced law for 18 years, concentrating in business and real estate.
Territory: The whole thing!
On the road: I enjoy going to the movies, attending sporting events and concerts.
Weekends: On weekends, I spend time with my wife and three children, watch sports and go out with friends. Reluctantly, I will work on the house.

“The thing I enjoy most about TW is the people. I have been associated with many organizations and I have never worked with a group that includes people of such high quality & high character. My co-workers push me to be a better person each day.”


Anthony Catoia, Director of Sales and Marketing

Before TuffWrap: Brand development, marketing and sales – Wine Industry
Territory: All of it.
On the road: I enjoy cold calling with the Regional Sales Managers.  I get to stay in touch with new and existing customers as well as keep up with what’s going on in the construction industry.
Weekends: Spending time with family, enjoying sports with my three girls and running.

“It’s an exciting challenge to introduce innovative and beneficial products to a market.   I love leading a team like this one – we are all 100% dedicated to the success of our customers’ projects as well as the growth of this company.”


Dana Whedon, Marketing Manager

Before TuffWrap: Marketing, Communications and Technology Project Management
Territory: Overseeing marketing activities and keeping everyone organized.
On the road: Meeting new people, seeing new areas of the country and of course, eating great food!
Weekends: DIY projects, working out and spending time with my family

“My favorite part of TuffWrap? These people. Go team!”


Jim Conte, Safety Manager

Before TuffWrap: I have been a safety manager for 20 years in various industries. I’ve pretty much seen it all.
Territory: I cover the entire country, wherever we have an installer at a job.
On the road: Eating local foods and experiencing scenic and historic towns.
Weekends: Catching up on sports, working in my garden and antique shopping.

“I enjoy being our safety manager, spending time with our guys in the field and making TW the best there is at what we do when it comes to safety.”


Elvis Huymaier, Project Manager Supervisor

Before TuffWrap: Worked at Domino’s pizza for 17 years, holding a variety of positions including management.
Territory: Entire United States
On the road: During downtime, I play Madden and workout. I also enjoy the opportunity to spend time with the crew.
Weekends: Spending time with my wife, kids and dog and whenever possible go on family outings. The dog tries to get all the attention.

“ We have a lot of different culture and very good people who work at our company. I always have a good time hanging out with them. I also enjoy the opportunity to go to cool new places all the time. For example, I fell in love with San Antonio because of this job and would never have gone there if it weren’t for my job.”


Gino Alberico, Strategic Account Manager

Before TuffWrap: Sales and Project Manager – Commercial Flooring and Custom Home Builders
Territory: National and Strategic Accounts
On the road: Eating at locally owned family restaurants and ale houses
Weekends: Staying fit, getting out in the boat and watching my kids play sports

“I enjoy being a part of a challenging, growing industry. It’s fun and constantly changing.”


Randy Greenberg, Regional Sales Manager – Northeast

Before TuffWrap: Over 20 years in operations, sales and sales management in the consumer products industry
Territory: PA, NJ
On the road: Stopping at Jimmy John’s for a bite to eat
Weekends: Watching the Yankees, Giants or Knicks and maybe some TV Land Classics

“My favorite part of working at TuffWrap is helping customers who didn’t know the Interior Protection industry even existed.”


Don Fleenor, Regional Sales Manager – Southeast

Before TuffWrap: Sales and Project Management – General Contracting and Deck Building
Territory: TN, SC, MS, AL, GA, FL
On the road: Always thinking about my next home improvement project
Weekends: Working on my house and watching Seahawks football

“Working at TuffWrap is like living the TV show ‘How It’s Made’.”


Tim Smith, Regional Sales Manager – Southwest

Before TuffWrap: Sales – Construction, Home Improvement and Elevators.
Territory: TX, LA, AR, OK, KS, CO, NM, NE
On the road: Seeing new places, I’m envious of Coloradans because I love being outdoors in my spare time.
Weekends: Watching sports, especially the Aggies and Spurs

“Though I prefer letting my PM/estimator look at the food processing plants, I am interested in the new challenges we face with every opportunity…I believe we have the most innovative team in the dust and debris containment in the industry. “


David Heredia, Regional Sales Manager – Midwest

Before TuffWrap: 10+ years – Construction and Facilities Maintenance
Territory: MN, WI, IA, IL, MO
On the road: I enjoy photography so being out gives me a chance to take photos of interesting places.
Weekends: Flying drones and training my German Shepherd for AKC events.

“I enjoy the people at TuffWrap and appreciate how dedicated everyone is to working safely while providing a unique service to companies all over the country.”


Heidi Bouthiette, Regional Sales Manager – New England

Before TuffWrap: 25 years B2B Sales and Sales Management – Retail, Marketing and Aerospace
Territory: CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI & VT
On the road: I never leave without my sneakers to take a walk at the end of the day and explore a city I am visiting.
Weekends: Spending time with my 3 children, watching college football and traveling.

“I am excited to provide a unique service and product to industries I have worked with in the past.”


Drew Myers, Regional Sales Manager – Mid Atlantic

Before TuffWrap: Sales/Operations Management – Stone, metal & wood restoration
Territory: DE, MD, WV, VA and NC
On the road: I enjoy the mixture of new scenery, meeting new people and hearing their stories.
Weekends: Working out, trying to golf, riding motorcycles and attending sporting events.

“I am really looking forward to introducing TuffWrap to the contractors and customers I’ve gotten to know over the years. It’s an exciting time for Tuffwrap and I’m happy to be a part of it.”


Gary Sims, Regional Sales Manager – Ohio Valley

Before TuffWrap: 26 years of sales experience in the transportation/pharmaceutical/wire manufacturing industries
Territory: OH, KY, IN, MI
On the road: Seeing new areas of the country; meeting and talking to people from different areas & cultures.
Weekends: Spending time with family, exercising, landscaping, golfing and tending to rental properties I co-own with my son.

“I am excited about the opportunity to bring TuffWrap’s unique message of Interior Protection to the customers/contractors. With the untapped market potential that still exists, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the TuffWrap team.”

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